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Business Strategy: Guide your company toward its envisioned future by helping develop your personal road map. Help you better understand your business from a consumer’s perspective while developing compelling vision, strategy, and an overall blueprint for a competitive advantage.



It is in our opinion that Grassroots organizing often takes a centralized approach to decision-making. This means in most instances, the entire group will have to come to a consensus in important decisionmaking discussions. Leadership is developed throughout the organization to appropriately assign and delegate responsibilities. With this structure, organizers can look to continuously build, grow, and retain their base of leaders through actions, training, and other activities.


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Equity and Inclusion: Our country is undergoing a significant culture transformation. You need to strengthen and/or adapt your company’s culture to today’s ecosystem. We will equip and empower your leadership team to better run your organization and make that necessary culture shift in order to thrive.



Our purpose is to engage the community in a participatory process. Within any organization or community, people have vastly different ideas, values, and sensitivities. Community outreach and engagement are about gathering input across multiple groups of people with a variety of perspectives and making them all feel invested in a project. By involving community members in the process, companies can ensure ongoing communication and a positive, stable relationship.



- Developing political strategies, calendar, campaign budget, & voter targeting - Providing advice, strategies, and content for fundraising, traditional/social media, & websites - Conceiving, writing and producing campaign media programs, including logo design, mailers, signs, radio/TV/YouTube or Vimeo spots, e -organizing and outreach - Overseeing volunteer/field operations, including designing field goals, a visibility plan, voter registration, volunteer trainings & vote reminders - Managing campaign vendors, including printers, mail -houses, graphics, media & polling professionals.




A set-up for success, working collaboratively with our experienced team of colleagues to seek and gather voluntary financial contributions requires identifying, securing, developing new partnership opportunitiesand nurturing exiting relationships that focus on corporate donations, sponsorship opportunities, employee fundraising, payroll giving and gifts in kind.

We develop plans and implement action for market research and strategies, sales and negotiation, communication, IT and social media, good organization, administrative and project management, resourcefulness, the ability to build and maintain professional relationships and creative thinking. Cardinal Blue Consulting, LLC will:

  1. Develop Your Fundraising Goals.

  2. Write Your Fundraising Plan. 

  3. Estimate How Much Your Fundraising Program Will Cost.  

  4. Develop a Timeline for Your Fundraising Plan. 

  5. Identify Funding Sources.  

  6. Evaluate Your Fundraising Plan During the Year.

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